Seeking my next passion

For a long time in search of a true passion, I tried my hands at many sports and musical instruments, but none of them transcended and fulfilled me as I am today.

I tried watercolor for the first time in 2015, timidly entering the world of creative leisures.

Quickly, I was tempted to enlarge the size of my supports, create new colors, draw new shapes, try new mediums... I discovered the boundless limits that this hobby had to offer me. What a thrill !

I tried my hand at sculpture, pastels, oils and acrylics, determined to push my creative limits. 

This new passion has led me to take an interest in those who have shaped and inspired modern art. My top references are Fernand Léger, Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse and many others...

Today, I'm living my dream, and ambition to keep on trying new creative technics. To be continued...

More space for my activities

My investment in creative leisures quickly became a question of space and storage. I started to feel very limited in my small studio in Montmartre.

While regularly leafing through decoration magazines, I began dreaming large spaces, realizing the creative room that a house could offer me. Since then, I moved in Normandy, near Giverny (27) where I'm working on my biggest creative project to date > crafting my dream house.

Playing with Shapes & Colors

On my paintings, I express my creativity through the choice of shapes and colors. I take a lot of pleasure in working with my color mixtures, shaping them to create unique and harmonious pieces of decoration, sometimes resulting in emotions.

Some are for sale

What's Next?

The main hobbies I wish to explore or deepen:

- Permaculture & gardening

- Furnitures creation and renovation

- Clay sculpture

- Metal work

- Ceramic work

- and many others...

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